Hi! I'm Black Dave! I have ideas!
I need your money to
make them happen!

I'm serious.

A million tokens.
250 eth total.
A million NFTs.

If I'm the genius you think i am,
throw something at my ideas.

There are no guarantees.
This is not an investment.
There is no return on this.
This is about ideas.

Short questions, long answers

Why should I give a fuck about you, Black Dave?

This is great question, thanks for asking. Simply put...I might be a genius. I've been in web3 for a couple of years now and I think I've been pushing the envelope of what's possible as an individual artist. I've worked with token gated downloads for NFT holders via unlockable content (in March 2021 via Opensea), I've worked with tokens that allow holders to render services ("Black Dave Verse Token" in July 2021), I've worked with creating a DAO around a song ("Sharp" on Catalog & $SHRP via PartyBid & Snapshot), I've worked with massive splits to collectors of my NFTs (split sales of an NFT on Glass with wavWRLD and 154 of my collectors via Reveel), I've worked with free mints around music (first free mint on Sound) while also onboarding folks and making efforts to push the mental model of NFTs through written work on Mirror & Substack.

...and I'm still at the beginning. Let's see where we can take this.

(For the record, I know people do this shit all the time where they act like they're a chosen one...especially fucking rappers...but some of us win, and nothing beats being there in the beginning.)

What kind of ideas do you have?

As someone making music in web3, with more ideas than resources, I've got a few things in mind. I think a lot of people building things in music in web3 aren't actually musicians (understandably, coding is hard as fuck and so is music), so we end up with tools people think we need that we don't actually need. I would be interested in either.
Without giving up too much sauce, I'll dive into some of the things on my mind that I have ideas for:

Very soon, I'm launching a platform for myself called Minutes. This idea is that I'll exchange NFTs for minutes of conversation with me about whatever you want. Making this into something bigger (a platform that others could use) could be fun.

I've been thinking a lot about curation and I've penned thoughts about how I look at curation in web3. I want to build different versions of curation that make sense in web3. Thinking about those things, I wanna test em out.

I've been thinking a lot about the IRL experiences we've been having around web3 events, specifically conferences. No one cares about the conference itself, but only the auxiliary events. How do we make something folks care about going to? I have ideas there.

I have simple and fun game ideas. I have complex and maddening game ideas. Something in that realm would be fun to build.

I wanna do a lot of shit. It's all possible.

Why this? Why this idea? Why Black Dave Token?

I am a firm believer that a lot of people never get to reach their greatness because they're blocked by more immediate issues. It's like the creative version of Maslow's hierarchy of needs...there are stresses that block you from creative self-actualization. I think the most obvious and immediate one is financial. Money doesn't buy happiness but money allows you to curate the tools to create it. Think about those memes that are like "self made millionaires"...and normally it's based on a loan from someone or connections from their family combined with the ability to fuck around for a while until they reach the point that really kicks them off...I think there are lot of folks without those benefits who if even got a piece of that support could go far.

I believe web3 is an opportunity. I'm sure you believe web3 is an opportunity.Let's do something about it.

So we get nothing? Nothing at all?

Okay okay okay, maybe not nothing at all.

I have a telegram channel that you can join by clicking here, specific to folks who own Black Dave Token(s). I'll use it as a spot to keep everyone updated, talk about ideas, thoughts and whatever else is on your mind.

I use this phrasing to ensure that there are to be no expectations when it comes to minting Black Dave Token(s). When this goes well I'll definitely remember who helped me get there. I don't know what that means, but I know that's how I feel.

I have more questions, how can I reach out?

I understand that many of you, especially those of you looking to support in a big way, wanna be sure this isn't nonsense, so let's hop on a 30 minute call so I can answer whatever questions you may have.

I'm using a platform called MeetWithWallet to schedule them, that way if you don't have a wallet you can't schedule it. Head here to connect your wallet and schedule a meet with me.

Feel free to hit me up